​​ART JOURNALING  at Art Happens

Mondays, May 8, 15 & 22

6:30-8:30 PM

$72 for 3-week series

Art Journaling is a combination of classic journaling and free-form art techniques. You do not have to be an “artist” to Art Journal, and you do not need to share anything you write, you just need to have a desire to be creative and a willingness to try something different. Art Journaling is relaxing, therapeutic, meditative and inspiring. It can help you clear your head and bring new creative energy into your days!

Generally speaking, during each class we will have an opportunity to write our thoughts (or song lyrics, quotes, verses, anything really) on a blank page, and then create art over it, masking the words but still expressing the sentiment in a way only YOU will truly see and understand, but that anyone can appreciate. Art Journaling is fun and relaxing, accessible to people who have never been artistic, but can also allow those “serial crafters” a new place to use all the skills (and supplies!) they’ve acquired over the years.  While each class relates to the others, they can be enjoyed individually as well. Any class is great for a group of friends or a parent and child to take, and would be great for teens! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at WendyANH@yahoo.com.

Week 1: Make Your Own Junk Journal (Monday, May 8)

Using junk mail, recycled pizza boxes, packing materials, and other paper, we will create our own journal for mixed media journaling. You will learn a simple way to stitch a binding and personalize your cover. You can use this journal for the rest of the Art Journaling series, or keep it for your own creative use!

Note: if you can’t make this class, you can still take any other classes in the Art Journaling series with a store-bought journal.

Participants should bring: junk mail, flyers, postcards, etc. and an empty cereal or pizza (or other large, non-corrugated) box.

Week 2: Acrylic Paint, Stamping and Ephemera (Monday, May 15)

All the basics of art journaling, including creating a background using your hand written journaling, paint techniques, altering paper memorabilia (tickets, found bits of paper, etc.), and using store bought or home-made foam stamps. We will use lots of recycled materials like bubble wrap, tissue paper, bottle caps, coffee cup sleeves, and so on. Each participant will finish a page and make a simple homemade stamp to take home, plus learn lots of mixed media techniques that will spark your creativity!

Participants should bring: A mixed-media journal of your choosing. You can use the junk journal you’ve made in the Week 1 class, or purchase one. An easy one to find is the Strathmore Visual Journal, spiral bound.  There are different sizes (I like both the 5 ½” x 8” or 9” x 12” versions). You can get these online at Amazon or pick one up at Michael’s. The most important thing is that the journal have at least 90 lb. paper. I prefer working on 140 lb. paper, but anything 90 lbs. or thicker will do. Check Ocean State Job Lots and other discount stores if you are on a budget – I’ve found decent journals there for under $10. Also look for a spiral binding, it lies flat and is very easy to work with.

Week 3: Collage Journaling (Monday, May 22)

This week we will be cutting up magazines and having fun using a technique called “Found Word Journaling.” Learn how to alter magazine images and text to create an expression of your own thoughts and feelings. This form of Art Journaling is fun and easy and perfect for those who think they can’t draw or don’t like their handwriting. 

Participants should bring: 3-5 old magazines that you like and are willing to cut up. Also bring a mixed-media journal of your choosing if you have one (see recommendations, Week 2) or a notebook. Because Collage Journaling does not use a lot of wet medium, it can be done in a book with thinner paper. A basic spiral notebook will do, but the pages do tend to ripple. A journal with a little bit thicker paper is better if you have one – or pick up a Moleskine Journal at Toadstool Bookshop or online, those are ideal for this style of Art Journaling.



At the Historic Pine Valley Mill
37 Wilton Road Suite #7 
Milford, NH 03055